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Curated color palettes for quilting throughout the seasons.  

Every color is matched with a solid fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics available for download in both Adobe Illustrator and PDF Formats.

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When it comes quilts, color is everything.  A quilt and its colors can set the tone for the entire room.  And it is a way to add your unique style to a pattern.

It is also one of the design choices I see beginner quilters struggle with the most.  That’s why I created a free download for you!  I pulled my favorite fabric color combinations from my favorite fabric company, Art Gallery Fabrics and put them in a printable file that is ready for you to use in your next quilt!

There are 10 color palettes with 5 colors each.  Including 5 designed for Fall and Winter Holidays.  Display this printable in your sewing room for color inspiration year round!