About Us

The Domesticated Engineer is the online source for those who manage the heart of our lives, the home.  From decor and tools to make the domestic arts more beautiful and purposeful to a library of resources from which to pull recipes, tips and words of encouragement, The Domesticated Engineer is filled with inspiration - just waiting to be discovered. 

Andrea Fleming Kjorlaug, designer, editor, seamstress and voice behind The Domesticated Engineer, believes that the home is best built by hand and that quality products are made in small batches.  It was this belief that inspired her to launch The Domesticated Engineer online in 2016.  Her devotion to quality and love of craftsmanship can be seen throughout the uniquely curated product mix.  The site offers items that both inspire and help implement life's most cherished moments. 

Incorporating handmade into your everyday just became a reality.  Welcome to The Domesticated Engineer.