Peach White Wine Slushies

The farmers market has been overflowing with Georgia Peaches the past few weeks.  So naturally we had to combine them with another favorite.  There's nothing better than a blended fruity drink to accompany you by the pool or on the lake.  And with only three ingredients you will be able to focus on whats really important on your next outing...sun tans and sippin' these delicious slushies.

Whether you purchase fresh or frozen peaches, you will want them frozen before making this drink.  The frozen peaches act as ice cubes when blended with a bottle of dry white wine.  We choose a medium bodied fruity Sauvignon Blanc.  

Depending on the wine you choose, you may want some extra sweetness.  If so add some honey to the batch to taste.  We garnished our drinks with a Georgia peach slice and fresh chocolate mint from our garden. 

Peach White Wine Slushies

  • 1 Bottle Dry White Wine (A Fruity Sauvignon Blanc Recommended)
  • 2-3 Bags Frozen Peaches
  • Honey, to Taste
  • Peach Slices, to Garnish
  • Fresh Mint, to Garnish
  1. Pour wine and peaches into blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Add honey to taste until slushy has reached desired sweetness. Enjoy!
  1. Use frozen peaches rather than fresh peaches.  If purchasing fresh peaches, you will need to slice and freeze them ahead of time. 

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