About Us

Domesticated Engineer is a premium artisan low waste living company crafting sustainable and stylish tools for mindful living. We individually handcraft our products with sustainably sourced materials and produce zero textile waste.  We source our materials directly from mills and local producers with the highest social and environmental standards.  

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most clean and cheerful home goods that inspire local, handmade living and meaningful home gatherings.

Zero Waste

We are a zero textile waste sewn and finished goods company.  100% of our fabric is used across our entire collection of eco-friendly lifestyle products.  By intentional use of our materials, we have been able to offset thousands of pounds of pre-consumer textile waste.  

Locally Sourced

We limit our product’s carbon footprint by sourcing from local mills, farmers and producers.  Many of our products travel less than 1500 miles from the time the cotton seed is planted to when our sewn good reaches the customer.  

We are a Georgia Grown Company that sources wool, plant based materials and beeswax from local, family owned farms and homesteads that focus on sustainable agricultural practices.  

Clean Materials

The fabrics used for our kitchen goods are organic and/or OEKO-Tex Certified fabrics which make them free of harmful chemicals, dyes and detergents.  



Andrea Kjorlaug, founder of Domesticated Engineer, is rooted in a deep love for the heritage and tradition of sewing and a desire to craft unique, contemporary textiles. With a BS in structural engineering, Andrea uses her background to transform conventional sewing into a fresh, modern home goods with purpose.

Andrea’s work has been featured in Nourish and Flourish magazine and Agrotourism.Life Magazine.

Currently Andrea lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Clark, son, Jensen and pup, Layla.

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Andrea Kjorlaug


Andrea’s surface pattern design portfolio is currently available to view on Spoonflower.  If you would like to work with Andrea for a unique design or would like to discuss licensing option for an existing design please visit our Licensing Enquiry page for more information.  For scale or color change requests please fill out this form